Monday, January 16, 2012

Natra Taste Sugar Substitute

Hey you guys.. Just thought i would share with you my experiences with being a diabetic. I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago and since then i have lived on Crystal Light, water and occasional diet sodas. I rarely touched sugar unless i absolutely had nothing in the house to sweeten my tea and even then i would limit it to one spoonful.  Around 4 months ago, i discovered a sugar substitute while food shopping in my local supermarket called Natra Taste.. I figured it was worth a try. Now i have tried Sweet n Low, Equal and some other brands and found that they all had a disgusting aftertaste. I must say Natra Taste is DELICIOUS!! it tastes just like sugar and you don't even have to use much. I use 3 packets in a 8oz glass of tea and i think that's even too much.. lol. I am very pleased with this product and i urge you to try it too. here is the link in case you don't find it on your local stores..


The 1 Ms. H.B.I.C.© said...

My niece is diabetic. I will share this with her. Thanks for sharing.

Sexxyfarrah said...

You are so welcome!! Thank you for reading and commenting!!=)

Fabulous Faustina said...

Thanks for sharing because I too have diabettes but at an early stage. I really need to watch all the foods that intake, so that is a work in progress. I appreciate you sharing this particular blog because I use Splenda and was wondering if there was anything else out that I could try, so I think I will. Continue to share and I am one of your subscriberts on the YT and your FB friend. Thanks a million and much love. Fabulous Faustina here, Tina Lee-Jones on FB and faustinamlee on the, just getting started with the YT LOL